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Vision, ambition and hard work, the combination of factors that motivate us to deliver excellent results and see satisfied customers. We unite the best of two continents, our Latin American roots and European style combined with allure, offering the latest trends in beauty care. Challenging and innovative team that will make you live the Royal Beauty experience where the comfort of our modern facilities in harmony and professionalism. Products of the highest quality and the latest aesthetics technology. Let us give you what you deserve. We want to give you the best of us, we will be pleased with your presence.



In our Beauty salon we understand the basics of healthy hair and apply in
practical ways the science of color.


Cutting tipsfrom€ 15
Cut modelfrom€ 20
Washing and dryingfrom€ 25
Root dyeingfrom€ 30
Dyefrom€ 40
Highlightsfrom€ 100
Balayageprice on request
Vitamin treatmentfrom€ 20
Extensions by linesfrom€ 15
Full Extensionsfrom€ 120
Extensions one by onefrom€ 80
Keratin Treatmentfrom€ 120


Hands with magic and color thanks to our expert manicurists, that will give you the best service.
We have high quality products for your nails. Our nail polish are known for its exceptional formula glazes and a spectacular range of colors that provide gloss, durability and strength.


SPAPEDICURE FRENCH GEL COLORincl spa pedicure60 min€ 45
SPA PEDICURE INCL POLISH GEL cuticle care, filing nails, foot bath, conditioner, remove calluses + scrub 50 min€ 35
SPA PEDICURE INCL GEL COLORcuticle care, filing nails, foot bath, conditioner, remove calluses + scrub60 min€ 40
PEDICURE KIDSfoot bath, conditioner, filing nails and nail clip40 min€ 30
PARAFFIN THREATMENTwarm foot bath in a paraffin bath20 min€ 15
REMOVING POLISH GELwith special remover15 min€ 5
SPA ROYAL PEDICUREcuticle care, filing nails, foot bath, conditioner, remove calluses, scrub, mask, massage, fruit bath, flower bath, sea salts + gel polish120 min€ 60
SPA MANICURE INCL FRENCHincl spa manicure90 min€ 35
SPA MANICURE INCL NAIL POLISHcuticle care, filing nails + scrub60 min€ 25
SPA MANICURE INCL GEL COLORcuticle care, filing nails + scrub75 min€ 30
MANICURE KIDSfile nails, nail polish, cut nails + scrub30 min€ 20
SPA ROYAL MANICUREcuticle care, filing nails + scrub90 min € 45
PARAFFIN THREATMENTwarm paraffin bath20 min€ 15
REMOVE GELLAKwith special remover15 min€ 5


Professional facial cleansing aims to deep clean the skin to remove dead skin cells, blackheads and impurities, and give energy and vitality to face toning the facial muscles through massage. Facial cleansing usually lasts approximately 50 minutes and one hour and a half, depending on the chosen treatment and consists of three stages: extraction of blackheads and pimples, a process of nutrition, with masks and ampules.


Deep Facial Cleansing€ 50
Deep Facial Cleansing + Ampoule€ 60
Facial Cleansing and Hydration€ 70
Facial cleaning + microdermabrasion€ 60
Facial cleaning + microdermabrasion + ampoule€ 70
Back Cleaning€ 60
Treatment against facial flaccidity, wrinkles and blemishes (5 sessions)€ 250
Vacuum therapy 1 session€ 45
Localised reductive treatment 1 session(Localized abdomen and back or buttocks and leg) x 10 sessions€ 45
Localised reductive treatment 10 sessions(Localized abdomen and back or buttocks and leg) x 10 sessions€ 400
Buttock Lift Treatment x 1 Sessions€ 45
Buttock Lift Treatment x 10 sessions€ 400
Postoperative treatment with appliance 1 session(Lymphatic drainage + appliances)€ 45
Postoperative treatment with appliance 10 sessions(Lymphatic drainage + appliances)€ 400
Anti-cellulite and antiflacidity treatment 1 sessionParaffin, manual massage and aparatologia€ 45
Anti-cellulite and antiflacidity treatment 10 sessionsParaffin, manual massage and aparatologia€ 400
Relaxing full body massageDuration of approximately 60 min.€ 50
Pregnant MassageDuration of approximately 60 min.€ 50
Treatment for muscle or joint conditionsDuration of approximately 60 min.€ 40
Sports MassageDuration of 30 min approximately€ 40
Complete Hair Removal (PROMOTION)>€ 60
Eyebrow Depilation€ 10
Hair Removal Moustache€ 10
Axilla Hair Removal€ 15
Bikini Waxing€ 15
Complete Bikini WaxingBrazilian Wax€ 30
Complete Leg Depilation€ 40
Half Leg Hair Removal€ 20
Depilation back gentlemen€ 45
Full Face(Cheeks, Eyebrows, Moustache)€ 30


Get the perfect look for any occasion, enhancing your beauty and illuminating your fractions in a balanced and natural way. Our image consultants will give the appropriate indications according to what you want to project, the occasion, the costumes and the look in general. We will help you find your best angles to highlight your fractions in the best way.


Day Makeupfrom€ 55
Evening Makeupfrom€ 60
Wedding Makeupfrom€ 150
Event Makeupby request
Photoshoot Makeupby request

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    The way you wear your hair is determinant in the image you project, so it is very important that when you think about a change of look or cut you have the best advice to get an excellent result. In LS Royal Beauty we know the importance of a good cut for your beauty so we understand what you want and reflect on you in the most appropriate way.

    In our hairdresser’s you will find the best hairstyles and changes of image, because we can pass from the conventional to the impressive using the last tendencies that will be the reflection of what you want to project.

    If you are thinking about an extreme change, one of the best alternatives to achieve it is to change the color of your hair. The trends change year after year and in color techniques you see many variations so we are always at the forefront.

    LS Royal Beauty offers you the best treatment with keratin, always achieving a relaxed, soft and silky hair. Keratin helps moisturize your hair, generates more shine and prevents hair fibers from being damaged by decreasing their rough texture. The most important thing when performing a treatment with keratin is to have a stylist responsible for not damaging your hair hand of the best products on the market we guarantee to achieve your goals safely.

    To show a radiant hair with brightness, health and volume it is necessary to go to those treatments specialized in preventing and attending the different problems that can present our hair and scalp. LS Royal offers you the best hair treatments tested by experts.

    Many women want to wear long hair with a lot of volume, for this we have the best extensions of natural hair with a perfect finish, and almost imperceptible, our team will offer you the advice necessary to achieve that extra long look you’ve always wanted. We will give you the best advice on which hair type and length will best suit your natural characteristics.

    Professional facial cleansing aims to deeply cleanse the skin to remove dead cells, pimples and impurities, and give energy and vitality to the face by toning the muscles of the face thanks to massages. Facial cleansing usually lasts between 50 minutes and an hour and a half, depending on the treatment chosen and consists of three phases: the extraction of blackheads and dining rooms, a nutritional process, with masks and ampoules and a toning massage.

    It is the simplest and consists of a basic routine of deep cleaning, ozone steam, extraction of impurities, mask and nutrition – hydration.

    It consists of doing a deep basic cleaning and then pass on the skin a device with diamond tips to remove the first superficial layer of the skin to facilitate the absorption of the masks and give it a shiny appearance and brighten the face, which is seen in the following weeks when the skin renews its natural collagen.

    It is a treatment that is performed after a deep hydration or facial cleansing, is performed with radiofrequency and is effective in restoring the face’s youthful appearance and fights extreme flaccidity of the neck, cheeks, jowls and can also be used in the area of the abdomen in the body.

    Also known as liposuction without surgery, ultracavitation is a non-invasive treatment to reduce the abdomen consisting of the application of low-frequency ultrasound that facilitates the vibration of fat cells until they implode. In this way the fats are no longer contained in nodules and remain free, thus passing their fat content to the lymphatic system and being eliminated from the body by means of feces, sweat or urine. In addition, the cavitation apparatuses have a firming and shaping effect.

    Radiofrequency is a technique that regenerates collagen and improves the elasticity of the feet, stimulating the lymphatic system through intradermal heat caused by vibrations. This activation of the lymphatic system manages to reduce the liquids and toxins found in the adipose tissue, thus reducing cellulite.

    Ultrasound treatments to eliminate cellulite consist of emitting a low-frequency ultrasound beam that breaks down fat cells in adipose tissue. In this way they are eliminated from the lymphatic system, urine and sweat.

    Electro stimulation is a technique that applies electric currents through electrodes, in such a way that the muscles contract in a controlled way, thus working in an induced way to eliminate localized fat.

    Waxing is a safe and effective method by which the skin is much softer and helps to weaken, decrease in quantity and thickness of hair. A good hydration is essential as a complement for the optimal recovery of the skin.

    Microblading is a make-up technique that is part of the aesthetic micropigmentation, whose objective is to correct or completely reconstruct an eyebrow lacking hair or absent thus creating naturalness. It has an approximate duration of 6 months to a year and consists of manually depositing a pigment in the epidermis papillary layer of the skin by means of a feather. It is the most innovative technique within the permanent makeup industry in the creation of eyebrow design hair to hair or shadow. It can also be used to thicken or darken existing eyebrows giving it a more defined shape.